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At elementary, we are extremely intentional when it comes to texas seasonality. This means our menu changes very frequently depending on what our amazing farmers have for us. Here are some example menus with what you can expect from an elementary experience.


on the half shell with mignonette - 3 each

Tomato & Focaccia

sourdough focaccia, texas heirloom tomatoes, umami butter - 11

“Ants on a Log” Salad

shaved fennel, thai peanut sauce, golden raisins, chili oil - 12

Scallop Crudo*

carrot aguachile, sesame, rashish - 21

Burrata Toast

texas peach jam, golden balsamic, pecan - 16


Little Gem Salad

nori vinaigrette, apples, salsa macha, chives - 15

Smashed Potatoes

beet hummus, harissa oil, saffron vin - 13

Peaches & Cream

miso cashew cream, tomatoes, pistachio honey, poppy - 17

Elementary Burger

wagyu, smoked gouda, aioli, pickles, lettuce, shaved onion -18



chinese chili crisp, mushroom soy sauce, scallion - 25


Ramen Risotto*

pork belly, pickled chestnut mushroom, egg yolk, chili oil - 29

Chicken Schnitzel

spring onion veloute, cornichon relish, pecorino dijonnaise - 27


Wagyu Flat Iron*

chipotle beurre blanc, salsa mexicana, zhoug - 32

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